If you are looking to raise money for your school or organization… have we got an idea for you! REAL MEALS NANAIMO offers an easy, quick and convenient way for you to raise money and have fun doing it.

Here are the details of the REAL MEALS FUNDRAISING PLAN!

Here’s how it works…

The fundraiser books a day of the week that will work. (based on availability by REAL MEALS)

We will inform the fundraiser of the menus for one whole month, one week in prior to the beginning of the month.

The fundraiser would then post the menu to their supporters.

The fundraiser would keep track of orders and collect payment. (Advance payment recommended)

One day before the meal delivery, the fundraiser must contact Real Meals and put in their order. (By 6 pm)

On the day of delivery, Real Meals will deliver the number of dinners ordered to the delivery drop off destination and time will as arranged.

The fundraiser pays Real Meals $20 per dinner ordered upon delivery of product and keep $5 from each order for the fundraiser.

The fundraiser receives their sums immediately…. No waiting.

If offered by a PAC at a school… We recommend trying it once a week for one month to start. … this will give parents (and teachers) a chance to get used to Wednesdays … Not having to cook! Promote it to parents and teachers. If you’re school was able to sell 20 meals per week, you could raise $400 in one month with very little effort.

We will offer two entree items and one pasta dish each Wednesday. Menu will be given to PAC one week in advance to give time to promote the orders.

We could also pre-arrange all 4 weeks in advance for promotional purposes.

It would be a pleasure to work with you helping your organization fundraising and making everyone’s lives a little easier at the same time.

Having a home cooked meal for dinner has never been easier!

Check out the menu for the week and decide which days you would like to purchase

Order your meal choices either online, on the phone, or via email

A fresh, hearty meal will arrive at your door for an easy & convenient supper!

Have Questions about Real Meals? Ask Away!

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