Ready for a break?  REAL MEALS prepares home style dinners, delivered to your home or place of work… we bring you dinner in the day time, and you bring it home, re-heat and serve it to your family.  Easy shmeezy!  And along with being convenient… these dinners are super affordable.  Only $25 to feed a family of four… That’s only $6.50 per person (2 adults and 2 children) 


To Order:

All you have to do is pre-order any time from posting to 8 pm the night before we prepare the meal of your choice.  We also offer dinners for seniors… dinner for 2 delivered to their home… only $20 per meal.  A great way to take care of someone you love.

Look through our menus… see which ones your family would most enjoy and place your order by either email, phone call or through facebook messaging.  And check out our specials listed after the menus… save even more on your food bill by taking advantage of some of our SUPER WEEKLY SAVERS!


-Meals are prepared for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children)
-Cost of dinners is $25 delivered to your place of work on or near the Island Highway
-Home delivery for a family meal is available at a cost of $5. This covers the drivers extra time on the road and extra gas.
-Double your meat for an additional $10
-Seniors portions available at a cost of $20 This is a dinner prepared for 2 seniors and includes the price of home delivery

-double main entree /meat for $10
-add one whole fresh baked pie (Apple) $20
-add a family greens and veggie salad $10

-Tipping: If you tip your pizza guy… tip your REAL MEALS driver. It will make her happy!


Buy 3 meals in one week… Pay only $60. Save $15. Price does not include rural or residential delivery.
Office purchase: 3 meals in one day… Pay only $60

THINKING ABOUT CHRISTMAS?  You should be… only 5 weeks away!  Real Meals has got pretty little gift certificates that will fit perfectly into a Christmas Card or Stocking.  Buy 4 and receive a Bonus FREE certificate for a dinner for FOUR to use yourself, or gift!  Share the love of food… Tis the season!

CHRISTMAS DINNER MADE EASY: Every Christmas REAL MEALS offers a Special Christmas Dinner.  Cost is $30/2 guests.  Prepared for 2, 4, 6, 8… as many as you need!

Menu includes: Carved Turkey (white and dark meat), stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, 2 seasonal vegetables, cranberry sauce and pie.

Pick up only is available at our commercial kitchen…on Christmas Eve afternoon.  Take your FRESH pre-packaged dinner home and re-heat on Christmas Day.  More details will be posted shortly regarding pick up etc.

MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCED: Limited number are available.  Contact us for more information



Having a home cooked meal for dinner has never been easier!

Check out the menu for the week and decide which days you would like to purchase

Order your meal choices either online, on the phone, or via email

A fresh, hearty meal will arrive at your door for an easy & convenient supper!

Have Questions about Real Meals? Ask Away!

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